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What the hell?
What do you mean, you didn't see this coming? Welcome to dean_jess, a community for one of the more... unlikely... pairings in the Supernatural fandom. This is a comm for anyone who has been seized by the strange fancy for pairing Dean with his brother's dead girlfriend. Yeah, we're a little weird. We know. We love it. Give us a try, you might find you like it too. ;)
So, the rules.
The rules are pretty simple.

1. You can post anything related to Dean/Jess. Icons, vid, fic, picspams, whatever strikes your fancy. If you've got it, we want to see it.

2. Because Jess is such a minor character on the show, it's okay to post stuff that is about Jess only. Such fics/picspams/whatever must not focus on Jess/Sam, though, but just on Jess because this is not a Jess/Sam community. Otherwise, everything that focuses on Dean/Jess as a couple is fabulous. Obviously, material that is both Dean/Jess and Jess/Sam is fine.

3. It goes without saying that this is not a community for material that is just about Dean. Jess should be at least peripherally present in whatever you're posting! You can't have Dean/Jess without, you know, Jess. And there's plenty of other places in fandom to get the gen Dean stuff you're after.

4. Have fun. We love you. :)
The ones in charge.
This community was created after we suddenly and spontaneously discovered how awesome Dean/Jess could be. As fic and conversations developed, a community seemed like a good idea.

The mods

Please contact me (abrupte) with any questions or concerns about the community, at sapphstorm [at] yahoo [dot] com. Hopefully we can figure something out. :)
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